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Y'all been asking, well here it is! All your Crynicles merchandise here. 

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What is "My Crynicles"?

"My Crynicles" is a mini web series on YouTube that depicts my love life (or lack-thereof). Based on true events I prove using screenshots from my past, I retell these heartbreaking (and often hilarious) situations and conversations. I'm hoping that by sharing my experiences, it will serve as a cautionary tale to younger viewers as what not to do and what to look out for in relationships. 

I do all the writing, directing, animation, editing and promotion. It's very time consuming but I'm hoping it will lead to a job in the future. I am currently unemployed, and living in Los Angeles alone, so every penny means the world to me. 

Check out this IMDb page!

It looked pretty cool and I was in need of some new entertainment—I found myself binging on all the available episodes. When I tell y’all I was weak as hell minutes into the first episode…WEAK.

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Sierra June,

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I was born May 13th, 1995 in Marietta, Georgia. When I was ten, my family moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where I finished high school. I attended The University of Missouri for two years, spent a brief semester at Jacksonville University in 2015 when my parents moved to Florida. I returned to Mizzou in 2016 and graduated with my Bachelor's of Communication inMass Media. On March 9th, 2019 I started my lifelong dream of moving to California and pursue work in TV and Film.